YEELIGHT Mosquito Repellent Killer Lamp
YEELIGHT Mosquito Repellent Killer Lamp
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Key Features: International Reddot Design Award Unique simple design, Combine an electric mosquito trap with a base to make mosquito killers. Take out the electric mosquito trap and use it directly as a mosquito. Auto turn-on at night, intelligent Light Sensitivity Effectively solving the problem of flying insects in the lampshade, automatically activates the insect trap at night and automatically turns off in the morning 88.1% high kill rate, active and passive 2 modes Using environmentally friendly physical electrostatic shock to kill mosquitoes Using 360nm-400nm wave of ultraviolet light to attract mosquitoes Energy Saving, Fast Charging Micro USB With a lithium battery (built-in), lasts 3-4 hours after fully charged via the Micro USB interface. Non-toxic, odorless and environmental friendly. The physical killer of mosquitoes, non-toxic and harmless, without the chemical components of volatile components, pregnant babies, the elderly can be used safely. Portable for carrying, widespread use This electric mosquito ball comes in a practical design, its small size allows you to carry it anywhere! It can be placed in the bedroom, study, dining rooms, hotels, etc. You can also use it when camping outside, a really reasonable choice for your family