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  • Order that placed before 1pm will be send out on the same day (Weekdays).
  • SpecificationBrand:Xiaomi Mijia
  • Model:AC-M7-SC
  • Material: ABS
  • Rated Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Rated Voltage:100-240V
  • Power:70W
  • Application Area:42-72㎡
  • Particulate Matter CADR:600m³/h
  • Dimension Productweight: 9.60 kg
  • Productsize: 31 ×31 ×73.8cm / 12.2 x 12.2 x 29.1inch

Customize your bedroom with 16 million color options Mi Bedside Lamp offers a virtual kaleidoscope of colors. Match your lighting to your mood. Set it for gaming, reading, or any other activity. Adjust the brightness quickly and easily to improve sleep patterns and comfort levels. You shouldn't have to adjust yourself to your lighting--it should fit you.


⚡A better impression for your daily life The new Xiaomi Mi Portable Photo Printer is designed for you, who love taking photos everywhere and having them. So that you don’t run out of support, get this new high-quality photo paper, with a 3″ size and double layer for better printing. This pack of 20 papers is amazing and you’re going to love it.


Mi Water Filter Pitcher Cartridge (3-pack)

Replacement cartridge for Mi Water Filter Pitcher. Per box comes in 3-pieces cartridge.

  • Wireless dust removal, one-key restoration of clean life
  • Get rid of the shackles of wires, clean more freely, even in small and messy corners, you can easily vacuum and enjoy a clean life.
  • A vacuum cleaner that is slimmer than a vacuum flask
  • While helping you take care of it, it is still a beautiful landscape on the desktop.
  • Lighter than a bottle of mineral water, vacuuming and saving effort, not tired
  • The main body is only 0.5kg, less than the weight of a bottle of water, and children can easily hold it.
  • Brushless motor with strong power, double air ducts for efficient cleaning
  • The use of high-performance brushless motors and an internal straight-through dual air duct design can effectively reduce energy consumption and improve cleaning efficiency. Equipped with a fast start-stop function to avoid dust left in the suction port when shutting down.
  • Easily pump up the water column at a height of 1.5 meters without falling back
  • The subversive suction performance instantly set off waves and waves, leaving the large particles of dust in life nowhere to hide.
  • Clean little mess
  • Flexible and compact, simple to operate, suitable for a variety of household cleaning scenes, no need to worry about snacks falling off the ground.
  • The secret weapon to protect your car
  • In the fog and sandy weather, dust is easy to accumulate in the car, so you can suck it easily, and there is nowhere to hide the floating dust.
  • Lightweight and convenient desktop artifact
  • When you write and draw, I clean up the residue.
  • Multi-function suction head, get the cleaning trouble
  • You explore the world, I am responsible for cleanliness.
  • Flexible penetration into the corners of the gap
  • Your little cleanliness, let me clean up.
  • Little keyboard cleaner
  • I will protect your clean experience
  • Slim and put it as you like, storage does not take up space
  • The compact and elegant design can be integrated into the environment wherever it is placed, and it can be used anytime to meet more cleaning needs.
  • One-button dust dumping, convenient for hands-free
  • It adopts a one-button dust-returning design. Press the button and the dust collection cup lid will automatically pop open to avoid secondary pollution.
  • 2 gears of suction, 30 minutes long battery life
  • Button lock design to prevent accidentally touching the cup lid
  • It adopts a key lock design, slides down to unlock when the dust is dumped, just press the button lightly.
  • The primary filter steel mesh is removable
  • The stainless steel filter separates large particles of dust.
  • Built-in HEPA high-efficiency filter element, filter efficiency of the whole machine>99.5%
  • Primary filter steel mesh + HEPA high-efficiency filter element dual filtration system, dust collection without creating dust, not afraid of the challenge of tiny dust particles.
  • Brand : Xiaomi
  • Model Name : Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Essential (G1)
  • Model Code : MJSTG1
  • Robot Weight : Approx 6.39 kg
  • Robot Size : Approx. 35.00 x 35.00 x 8.20 cm
  • Suction Power : 2200 Pa
  • Dustbin Capacity : 600 ml
  • Water Tank Capacity : 200 ml
  • Battery Capacity : 2500mAh
  • Run time : 80 - 90 minutes
  • Charging Time : 3 - 4 hours
  • Rated Power (Watts) : 25W
  • Control : Mi Home App
  • Other Features : 2in1 Sweep and Mop / Automatic Recharge / Smart Route Planning / No-Go Zone / 3-Layers Filtration / 4 Gears Suction Power / 3 Gears Water Volume / App Control
  • Machine Warranty Coverage : 1 Year Warranty
  • Accessories Warranty Coverage for 1 Month : Battery, Water Tank, Brush, Mopping Plate
  • *Do not put the soap , detergent into the water tank.