Xiaomi Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones - 3.5mm
Xiaomi Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones - 3.5mm
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Mi Noise Canceling Earphones (3.5mm)

Dual moving coil + dual moving iron
Noise cancellation and acoustic system
Two-level active noise cancellation
Metal shirt clip design

Two levels Active Noise Cancellation
Choose cancellation level according to environmental noise. Low-level noise cancellation can efficiently reduce power consumption, extend noise cancellation time. High-level noise cancellation ensure you clear sound in noisy environments.

50-1500Hz Broadband Active Noise Cancellation
Noise can be suppressed by more than 20 decibels, so be freely and widely used on buses, subway, or other high noise environment, effectively eliminate most of the low-frequency noise, enjoy every song you love.

Metal Shirt Clip Design
A holding metal clip to prevent the cord from swaying everywhere while moving so you can fix it up with your shirt and be tension free.

90 Degree Ear Plug, Plug and Play
Adopts 90 degree ear plug design, better protect the ear plug, ensure long-term use.

Hearing Protection
Xiaomi noise cancellation earphones reduce noise significantly, protect your hearing.

Ergonomic Earbuds Design
Designed to fit securely over your ears for hours of comfortable listening.

All-metal Body Design
Aluminium alloy material + CNC process

Double Wire Materials
Braided wire + TPE material

12 Hours Standby Time
55mAh battery capacity, micro USB charging, about 2 hours charging time and up to 12 hours standby time.

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